Monday, July 28, 2014

Hermana Jesse Thompson -1st Area... HueHuetenango (prounounced way way) Guatemala

My new companion.  She's from Peru!

All the Hermanas in Quetzaltenango

Jesses Apartment

Hola Familia!!!! 

Let me just say my subject of the email explains it all. I am snow white because i am the whitest person here and everyone else is dwarfs because they are all so tiny!!! So lets start with leaving the CCM. The club next door had a little firework show in celebratino of us leaving..okay not really for us but we like to think so! Also, in my area there are fireworks like every single day!!! People do that at any hour for peoples birthdays. unfortunately as missionaries we are not allowed to use fireworks, but im sure there will be fireworks on my birthday ahaha. 

So I love my companion, shes a sweethart!! When we arrived there were 5 gringas (aka white girls) and I think 4 latinas so there were 9 trainer hermanas waiting for us. Anyways, I got put with the shortest latina and the only latina who didnt speak english so life has been quite the party! She is the sweetest, but its a shame I cant understand her because I bet she is even sweeter than I think haha. She kills the spiders and is half my size! Since our language barrier is a issue i point and she kills. we make a greta team. She also lost like 40 pounds in my area cause she has been in this same spot for like 5 months I believe. She only has four months left so Ill probably be her last companion. She has the biggest spirit and the people love her here!
So back to this language barrier issue. I can understand her ususally, but I really cant understand anyone else here. I don't know what they taught us in the MTC but its definitely not the same thing we learned in the CCM. But thats okay!!! My area is called HueHuetenango (prounounced way way) and is a very very poor area but I love it. I feel like im on a very long camping trip without the smores, but that okay cause i get the spirit! haha Everything is green here! They call Guatemala the eternal spring for a reason haah. 

There are a million dogs here, but in the mtc they told me if I touched tehm I was going to die so thats comforting. Every night i go to bed to a chorus of dogs howling!! haha  I love our apartment. The other Hermanas say it's the worse of everyone's but I love it!

So back to the part about me being white and tall. I must be famous here or something because I turn many many heads. I am taller than everyone and whiter, but i will say its not the greatest attention. Most of the time its guys whistling and saying hi honey or stuff in english. Its pretty annyoing but Ive learned to ignore it! The bummer part about the height is that Guatemala was not made for tall people! My head hits the bus roofs and I usually duck when entering houses. Everyone looks at my companion, then at me and says ¨mas grande¨haha here its socially acceptable tocall people fat so im just thankful no one calls me gordita haha. 

The people here are so great! i just wish i could understand them!! We have taught lessons on the floor, in the dark, and much more. They are so humble here and have literally nothing. We were walking on the main road when my companions went off the side into the mountain and we ended up at this little house. These people had wood for a bed and one bench, yet they were so happy with who they were!! The spirit was so strong in that lesson it was amazing and i know they really want to strive to come unto Christ. 

I haven't had super strange food yet and my tummy is still going strong! I did have watermelon with syrup and spam, that was strange. We have lunch with the members every day which I love! we only eat breakfast and lunch because we have to work during dinner, but thats okay with me! My mom said she will post the photos on my blog.  Its crazy cause you can cross the street and there's an american mall! Yet on my side its dirt roads and people without walls or a roof. 

This week was hard!!! When I arrived we took a three hour bus ride to my area in a school bus with tons of people. they just squish us all in there! A little man half my size came and took my heavy bags and off we went! It was crazy! Im still in culture shock! 

Love and miss you! 
I do have a change of address. I have received stuff to my old address and this is the same one but its more exact so for now on use this. 

Hermana Jessica Thompson
Mission Guatemala Quetzaltenango Mission
5A Calle 14-35 Zona 3
09001 Apartado Postal 206
Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Just added that part at the end! I love letters and will write back soon.   And love the ones havent gotten too! haha

love you all!!!!
Jesse, Hermana Thompson, the Gringa. 

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