Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Well! the weeks are short and the days are long, but hey thats the life of a missionary!!

This week was normal haha. My companion and I run every morning, but sometimes she is sick so I do my own exercises and I was on the roof (thats where we dry clothes so theres a staircase to it) and a little Latina lady started to copy me from down below it was pretty hilarious, but maybe it was a had to be there moment. 

So I have my first baptism date! Its with a boy named Cristofer who is nine years old and his mom is a menosactivo, but we have been teaching his Mom and he wants to be baptised!! 

These other investigators bought us dresses which is adorable, if i can make my photos work I will send a picture, its a blue dress haha its from a thrift store but i love it! This family doesnt have a lot, but the wife was determined to give us them and she is so sweet! We are hoping her son is getting baptised soon, we arent sure about the entire family. We bought them a cake (which is one of the photos) for their sons birthday, but I should add that i promise they are a happy people even though the picture doesnt look like it! 

So we walk about five miles a day and i absolutely loveeee it!  This is also another reason i love my ugly sister missionary shoes hahaha. My area is a tad hot but not really its pretty perfect! Xela (another name for quetzaltenango) is a lot colder, but im about a 3 hour busride away from there. I am always exhausted by the end of the day and go right to sleep! We have lunch with the members every day and I actually love the food! They eat tortillas with EVERYTHING HERE!! even spaghetti!! They just love their tortillas!! We dont ever have time for dinner so I just enjoy by breakfast and big lunch and continue my day! I actually love it and I feel a lot healthierright now. 

Well my emotions are all over the place. I miss home and my Mom hugs, but I know this is where Im supposed to be and I know im gonna start loving it soon. 

This week I learned that prayers work! My mom sent me an awesome quote last week that talks about ¨He will hold your hand when the walk is long or the water is cold if you just invite him to¨¨ oh boy i have invited him to a lot this week! And my prayers were answered multiple times. You just have to ask!! 

Love you!!! 

  Not big smilers, but promise they are really happy people.  We took this awesome family a birthday cake.

My wall
A blue dress a sweet and humble member insisted I have.

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