Monday, August 18, 2014


Hola Hola Hola!!

This week has been extremely crazy!!! So on Weds. I finally felt that I was getting a hang of everything and being able to talk to everyone, I was definitely used to everything with my companion and what not. Then thursday morning we get a call that Hermana Sanchez had emergency in she is leaving me....and trainers train the greenys for 3 months and I only had three weeks. So we packed all her stuff, I had a meltdown because I dont know the members or where they live (they dont have addresses here) and I dont even know our ward boundaries...but the Lord works in funny ways. We took our 3 hour busride which was one of the scariest ill leave out the details for my moms sanity hahaah and arrived in Xela. We switched trainers so I got my friend from the MTC trainer, Hermana Woods! Dont worry everyone she is still half my height haha, but teh best part is she is a gringa so we can communicate!! I discovered I actually didnt know a lot about the mission stuff so I am learning for real this time. Shes so great, I just feel so bad because I dont know a lot about the area but we are learning together! 
On monday we had an activity with cooking and of course we had to make tortillas so i decided to help. Well lets just say they laughed at my skills, but it was better than my first time trying because that tortilla ended up on the ground. I attached a photo of the family and my tortilla and I. it tasted great. So on top of all our changes we also got a new bishop and my old companion used all of our minutes on our phone for the months. its been a struggle but we are getting through it all! 
Our baptism is tomorrow and I am soooo sooo excited! Cristifer is THE BEST and loves the gospel!! Even for a nine year old he really understands it all! We accidently spelled his name wrong on the invitations, but thats what happens when you get two gringas together! 
Funny story, my companion had a bee in her hair and we were trying to get it out and this couple walks by and starts laughing at the two gringas who were freaking out about a bee. My companion told them she had an oveja in her hair whichs means sheep so that was pretty funny.
I also am sending some pictures of a little girl and I in the ward, they always want to be taller than me so she climbed up on the fence to be taller haha. I may be in a super poor place, but the people here love their families! everyone lives together and they just have so much fun and they dont care if they have money or not. This gospel allows families to be together for eternity and they really do want to learn from us. i have learned that it doesnt matter where you are or how much money you have, happiness is where ever your family is. A lot of our investigators want eternal families because that whats make them happiest. Thats what makes me happiest too. I love my family and am thankful for them each and every day! 

Hermana Thompson

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