Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hola Familia!! 
Well this week I had chicken noodle soup with tortillas!! Just gets better and better dont you think? haah anyways we had to eat intestines this week, but dont worry my companion ate mine for me thank goodness....I couldnt do it...but my companion ate monkeys in her house so she can eat anything! My stomach has officially given up. Yes I practically slept in the bathroom for one night, but its all part of the experience! Usually its because of the fresco because a lot of people cant afford pure water, so a parasite in inevitable. I've decided to name my freddy haha chiste. 

Anyways this week we split up to contact in an area so I was with Hermana Quarez who is a gringa so it was sooo nice to be able to talk to someone in english! Anyways we were knocking and we came to this one house that was of a less active member and he had me bare my testimony in english, it was kind of bazar experience, but he came to the activities the next day and everything,so that was awesome!! On Saturday the new Chapel in Centro was opening, so we had an open house all day where we taught about our purpose as missionaries and sang a lot. Later that night we had a cultural activity which was awesome! They did a lot of traditional dances and what not, oh and there were fireworks! If they had fireworks at our stake activities maybe more poeple would go! haha 

This week we had a lot of appointments so my companion and I went on splits with a member and long story short I invited someone to baptism by myself, and they acccepted! Im surprised they understood, well I hope they did haah! Anyways, today is my official two month mark!! 16 more months is nothing! I am starting to love the work more and more every day which is great! Still super hard, but time is going by a lot faster! 

Before my mission I didnt study the scriputures as much as I could have  .In 2 Nephi 32:3 it explains that these scriptures tell you all you need to know, which is very true. Most importantly, the scriptures testify of Christ and how through him everything is possible. Because of him and this Gospel my family is eternal and I will be able to return to Him again.  But if we don't have faith in Christ, then we wont be able to gain eternal life. To know Christ we must study our scriptures. I have grown to love them so much!! 

Have a great week!!! 

This pix is at culture night.
Hermana Thompson

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