Monday, August 25, 2014


Hermana Jesse Thompson's contact info:

Sister Jessica Christina Thompson
Guatemala Quetzaltenango Mission
5A Calle 14-35 Zona 3

Hola Familia!!!!
So this week was good but also the HOTTEST week of my life!!! HueHue is a lot hotter than Xela, but I still love it. I have a beautiful sunburn, well farmers tan sun burn what ever you wanna call it. but hey its all part of it! we spent most of our week knocking on doors and talking to people because we really are lacking in investigators but tahts okay! BUT the best part of the week was....CRISTOFERS baptism!!! Hes so adorable and seeing him being baptized was such an amazing feeling and he was so happy!! I would send pictures, but i cant this week cause this computer doesnt like my camera. But it was great and he was so happy!!!! I can see the light in his eyes and its fabulous. 
So everyone, and i mean EVERYONE that i talk to asks how I got so tall, so I just say its all the hamburgers in America. They laugh but I think they actually believe me. 
I decided I should tell you about my companion more. She is fabulous and her Dad sells his onions to In n Out, so I mean thats pretty cool. I told you that my last companion killed all th spiders for me, well this one doesnt so we just freak out for awhile till it dissapears. But shes so great and Its a totally different experience with another gringa but I love it! Everyone thinks shes from like Brazil so I just say Im from Mexico to fit in. 
This week we concentrtated on getting to know the members more and I have never felt closer to thme and I love it! It feels like a second family! I had this realization this week of how grateful I am for eternal families. I just imagine myself in a strange place like this, without the amazing people I have met, and without Pdays to write to my family, and thats what it would be like without the promise of eternal families. Im so incredibly thankful! 
Also, I never realized how important it is to help the missionaries! They need you all so help them out because literally the members have made this so much easier for me, so grateful for them!! Give them references, food, hugs, laughs, anything! 
So the toughest part of the week was contacting because most of the churches here tell the members to not listen to the mormons at all so some people are pretty rude but thats okay! we jsut tell them we are here to serve them and they give us a lovely look and walk away. 
So Ive only been out for 11 weeks but I cant explain how much Ive already grown from this experience. I am grateful for sooooooo much more and I truly love this gospel. My testimony grows every day and I learn to not judge by first impression. I realize how lucky I am to have the life I have and to have such amazing family and friends. Thank you all for everything you have ever done for me, I cant explain how much it has helped me get here. I cant wait to see what is more to come. 
Love you all and have a fabulous week! 

Hermana Thompson 

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