Monday, September 15, 2014

I lived in the movie Tangeled for a split second.


So today is Independence day for Guatemala, aka they partied all weekend. we had to return to our houses at 6 on Friday and Saturday for our safety of course, we arent allowed to party haha. But on Friday we were on our way home and looked in the sky and saw tangeled lanterns!!! no joke! like the paper lanterns in the sky! hundreds!! it was amazing!! It has always been something on my bucket list to see so it made me sooo happy!! 

Also, I would like to point out that the people here eat mayo and ketchup with EVERYTHING. even pizza. vegetables. spaghetti. you name it, they eat it with it. 

On monday we had family home evening with the Lopez family and Denny came who is an old investigator that may be baptized but we have a pñroblem getting him permission for it. He attends everything and was the investigator who called us to go to church. 

So where we live is owned by a member so all of our neighbors are members. Its the mom, all her kids who are married and have their own kids, and so on. they all live close by and its sooo much fun!!! so grateful for such amazing members. 
On martes we did a little service for this family and carried in some cement blocks. i have photos of all this but i cant send them on this computer so next week!! promise!! One of the Lopez families makes us get up at 6 and go read the book of mormon in spanish with them. Its been a struggle but it will help in the end! haha they just want to help us! 
Miercoles started out as any other day. Then we get to this house and a Korean man opened the door, called us elders, then offered us jello. I still dont understand what was going on because he literally was speaking korean, english, and spanish, we were very confused. There was also a nice worm on my comps jello bowl and it was dancing so that just added to it. He was very confused why there were so many mormons in utah too. 

Now its been raining like crazy here, but when ever we are prepared and have our rainboots, well it doesn't rain and we just look like two dumb gringas who wore rainboots. People comment. but what's new haha. Also literally a lightening bolt almost struck us and it was crazy!! The power went out three times this week but luckily every time we were near a members house or our house because our citas just happened to fall through. 

During district meeting our zone leader was telling us how when a cita falls through it was supposed to because the lord has other plans for us in that area. We had that happen all week so we are just tryinhg to figure out these other plans. 
Also, one of my favorite members, Aura Lopez, has decided that I'm one to take pictures with because im a giant. Seriously people take pictures with me because they think I'm a disney character or something. Its pretty funny. 

We also helped paint a members house this week which is fun!! >I love when we have a week full of service projects its my favorite!! We are hear to serve the lord in many ways, not just sharing his gospel. Also, the bishopric here wears leather jackets on the stand because EVERYONE drives little mopeds or motorcycles. literally EVERYONE. and im talking whole families go on these things!! 

We had an awesome experience with Maria this week. She was reading revelations chapter 1 the first three verses and then was reading the testimony of joseph smith in the book of mormon. Wedidnt tell her to read any of this, it was all the Lord. She realized they were the same thing and knew right then it was the word of God. We are working and praying for that family sooo much!!! 
This week we made chocolate chip cookies in a frying pan, and it worked. haah  This week I also realized that yes, we need the Lord to help, but the Lord needs us to help lift each other. So go out and lift some people up!! Thats why we are here!! 

love ya all!!! 
Hermana Thompson

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